I believe it’s possible for every woman to break through her own glass ceiling so that she can feel confident in her life and business.



I’m a Mindset Coach for you, the heart centered woman in business who is ready to kick self doubt to the curb!

  • Do you struggle with feeling like a fraud in your business?

  • Do you get stuck in analysis paralysis (overthinking and overwhelmed) and can’t take action?

  • Does perfectionism drive you to overwork or procrastination keep you stagnant?

  • Do you have this knowing feeling that you are meant to do great things in the world yet struggle with bringing that belief into reality?

Girl, I have been there! That’s why I have dedicated my work to educating brilliant and creative women like you on how your patterns, habits, and beliefs are impacting your life and how to break free so that you can feel confident in your life and business.

I began my own mindset work 14 years ago when I walked into a rehab facility to treat my addiction to drugs, alcohol, and an abusive relationship. 

Learning to rewire my brain to not reach for a substance or a man to fill the void left by multiple traumas in my teens was my biggest hurdle in mindset work to date.

But it wasn’t until I started to do this deep work that I realized just how much

I hated myself and it showed up most in the way I spoke to myself.

I constantly compared myself to everyone else and never quite measured up to their accomplishments, figures, or personalities.  

My self talk was brutal and I had this underlying belief of unworthiness that showed up in my career, relationships, and money.

It felt like a weight attached to my ankle that I would drag into job interviews, first dates, and everyday experiences. 

Self doubt became my constant companion and just like drugs or alcohol we can get addicted to our thinking.  And let me tell you Brave One, I was totally addicted to negative self talk!

I needed an overhaul.  And an overhaul is what I did!

Over the next 14 years I attended a 12 step program, took over 1000 hours in yoga teacher trainings, and became fascinated with women’s inner dialogue; specifically, to learn how and why our minds can be our biggest ally and our biggest enemy.

I continued to take multiple advanced level yoga teacher trainings to study meditation, mindfulness, and mindset.

Three years ago, I decided to take my decade of experience sponsoring, mentoring, and teaching women how to love themselves and feel more confident and start my coaching business.

And just when I thought I had hit the glass ceiling for personal development work I quickly realized how much there was to do when I started my business.

Feeling like a fraud became a constant companion.  Second guessing

myself was normal and not being able to trust myself with money became

front and center to my decisions.

Over the last three years I have invested heavily in myself to be a better coach, to learn how to run a successful online business and master my own mindset.

It was during this time that I started to learn about the subconscious mind and the pieces to the puzzle started to click.  For so long, I couldn’t understand why I would say one thing but then my actions went in the complete opposite direction!

For example, I would say I wanted more clients but then I wouldn’t take the actions necessary to actually attract more clients.  (It’s because on a subconscious level I didn’t feel worthy of working with more clients.  I had to clear that sh*t and I can help you clear that too!)

And guess what Brave One, I’m bringing over 14 years of experience in mindset work to support you to feel confident in your own life and business.

You do not have to struggle with self doubt or trudge through life second guessing yourself.  You are here for a reason, and your brilliance deserves to shine brightly for the world to soak in!  Let’s get to work to overcome self doubt and breakthrough your own glass ceiling.

Why Keegan?

There are hundreds of Mindset Coaches, and you want to know what makes me different.  I get it!

I am part of the 4%.  

Only 4 % of crystal meth addicts which is THE MOST mentally addictive drug on the planet get off of the drug and STAY off of it.

I am a living, breathing, walking example of how to rewire a brain so that it no longer craves, reaches for, or needs the most mentally addictive substance known to humans.

And the tools that I’ve learned over the last 14 years to not reach for a drug or alcohol are the SAME TOOLS I’m going to share with you to help you overcome self doubt.  Because it is all about creating a NEW 
neural pathway in your brain Brave One!

I’m also invested in YOUR SUCCESS.

I take working with my clients seriously because I am passionate about helping you break through your own glass ceiling so that you can reach your goals.

I’ve been there.

I once felt hopeless, frustrated and discouraged.

I’ve taken the courageous step to look at my own limiting beliefs and subconscious programming to break through my own glass ceiling.          

Together we can create a plan to help you overcome your self doubt so that you can feel alive, show up feeling authentically and with confidence in your life and business!

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    "I was facing difficulty getting my side business to grow despite being very consistent in my efforts, and I was experiencing confusion about what the obstacle was for me

 I had been feeling disappointed and “off track” with my business, assuming I wasn’t doing something right as an entrepreneur.


 Keegan’s program helped me to step back long enough to see myself through a more authentic lens. As I followed her guidance, I was able to peel back my own layers to see how I was being really negative toward myself and how I was being my own biggest obstacle!

 I knew this program was working for me when, about three quarters of the way through our sessions together, I said out loud for the first time that I didn’t know if I genuinely WANTED what was on the other side of “success” with my business, and I suspected that another business model may be more exciting to me.  

 Now that I’ve come through some tough decision-making around that business, I’ve switched gears and am now pursuing my health and life coach certifications while beginning my own coaching business!

 I’m convinced that the support I received and the judgement-free space that Keegan held for me during our time together are the reasons I was able to see my situation clearly and begin making new decisions for my future." 

Katy Wallace - Nurse Practitioner; Health and Life Coach - Storyline Wellness

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"I have gained insight into my limiting beliefs for my career track. Keegan has helped me dust off the cobwebs and see them for what they are . . . .beliefs that I picked up along the way that I didn't even know existed. Keegan has given me the tools to move forward celebrating the small achievements along the way. Her meditating and readings suggested have kept me grounded at a time when life has thrown me curveball after curveball. Every direction in my life has been challenging to say the least and these tools have helped me to keep my feet planted and stay true to myself.” 

Paige Grantham - Yoga Teacher, Stay At Home Mom to Three Children

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“I was having trouble finding balance in my life and finding my purpose...I just felt lost in all that I was trying to do and nothing felt like the right fit.


Frustration felt like a bomb about to explode every day.  I knew I was not getting anywhere trying to handle all of it on my own. 

I have done yoga, meditation, grief counseling, psychotherapy in the past....but I needed something different - a new approach - coaching.

This program provided accountability and access to Keegan. I was among some really strong females that were just looking to make things better for themselves. It helped to know that those amazing women were thinking similar things to me.


Keegan has the ability to know what was happening in my mind and how to bring out the information in very simple terms.

When I started to notice the space in me and my reactions were different is when I knew things were working.  I don't feel like the pin in the grenade could come out at any moment. I feel free again." 

DeAnn Leonard - Real Estate Transaction Manager Fifth Third Bank

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"The biggest change has been in how I see myself. Working with Keegan has helped me recognize and quiet the repetitive voice in my head, my ‘inner mean girl’ that likes to tell me why I’m not good enough and all the ways I’m going to fail


As a result of this change in how I perceive myself, I had the courage to complete a technical bootcamp last year and will soon be moving into a new job at my company. I had researched bootcamps for several years before working with Keegan, but her coaching gave me the confidence to go for it.


In general I am kinder and gentler with myself, which makes it easier to be more open and empathetic with others and to treat myself the way I deserve to be treated. This has even let me look upon my failed marriage and my ex with compassion instead of anger, a huge change for me."

Colette Gabriel - Data Scientist

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