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Learn what’s missing from most personal development work out there, the 6 minute shift you NEED for

massive transformation, and how to kick your B.S.

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In this FREE Live Masterclass I am sharing:
  • Why no matter how many affirmations you say, number of times you journal, or coaches you have hired there’s STILL this ever present voice inside your head that keeps you from truly being the woman you know you can be.

  • The secret weapon to overcoming the stories you have been telling yourself of not being enough (smart enough, good enough, talented enough, all of the enoughs)

  • In our time together I will take you through an exercise proven to help you overcome your B.S. in real time.

  • You’ll leave feeling unstoppable, confident, and enthusiastic about your work.

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Join the LIVE Masterclass and BREAK THROUGH your B.S.!

(For LADIES only, sorry gents this one is just for people who identify as female.)


Hello Brave One!

I'm Keegan White and I teach heart centered women in business (like you!) how to overcome self doubt so that you can live the life you love while making an impact.

I've helped countless women in business overcome perfectionism, feeling like a fraud, overwhelm, and procrastination.  They went from dreading working on their business to making incredible money doing what they love.  But that wasn't always the case.

Just a few years ago, I was on the seesaw of overworking myself and burnout and STRUGGLED with constantly feeling like a fraud and second guessing myself, comparing myself to other business owners, and operated from lack and scarcity. 


I had resigned myself to believe that maybe I just wasn't cut out to be an entrepreneur.

Now I show up consistently in my business, confidently make decisions, and nip self doubt/criticism in the bud before it takes root!  And I teach ALL of my clients HOW to implement these same strategies in their business!

I offer this FREE Live Masterclass for you:  The Woman Who Is Ready To Break Through Her Own B.S. and see quick results NOW.

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