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13 Years Sober From Drugs and Alcohol

13 years ago ... 13 years ago today I NEVER set out to stop using drugs and alcohol - I ONLY wanted to stop feeling the way I was feeling. They told me if you want to stop feeling the way you are feeling you have to stop using all substances and do what we tell you to do - For this rebel this was hard. I did it anyway.

13 years ago today I learned what “Just For Today” meant which saved my life many, many times

13 years ago today without realizing it I had surrendered to a new way of life

I get asked often “how did you do it?”. Well, I threw myself into a 12 step program, I moved into a recovery house my first year, I changed ALL of my people, places and things (trust me leaving the club and dancing behind broke my heart), I did a ton of service work and several rounds of therapy.

I have never stopped working on myself in some way over the past 13 years through personal development work. I have invested in myself to grow spiritually, mentally and physically. I have practiced spiritual principles, found a Higher Power, gave myself permission to make mistakes, and made peace with myself and the path addiction took me on.

I sought out sponsors, therapists, coaches, healers, mentors, and friends to support me on my journey.

Coming into recovery was the BIGGEST mindset shift I EVER had to make. It was there that I learned how to rewire my brain even though at the time I didn’t realize that was what was happening.

It was in those first few years that the groundwork was laid for me to see the power of our thinking and how it can either work for us taking people to extraordinarily wonderful places or work against us taking people to deaths of lows that some don’t return from. The number one thing that I have done in the last 13 years to stay in the process is to not give up - no matter what. I made many commitments to myself to not use and not give up - just for today. Which comes out to 4748 days today.

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