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The Bugaboos (I'm not talking about Destiny's Child)

I am less than a week out from my 3 week Bali/CA trip and let me tell you that the Bugaboos are coming out!

What are the Bugaboos? They are the fear based, worrisome thoughts that creep in to rob a person of their joy. They are the thoughts that keep people from following their dreams, taking chances, stepping outside of their comfort zone. It's the part of the brain that is trying to keep a person "safe". And by safe, I mean keeping a person in the same place because according to the mind it is better to stay stuck or stagnant because it's what the mind knows. It's familiar and that is safe - even if what is familiar isn't what the person wants.

Worry and fear hijack the brain and floods you with emotions and chemicals that turns on the sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the fight or flight (sometimes freeze) reaction. It creates this illusion that you are actually doing something because you are spinning not only your wheels but your time and energy thinking and thinking and thinking.

What it is actually doing is robbing you of being in the moment, standing in your power, and separating you from the Divine. Worry is the least productive thing we can do.

So what's a solution? I'm so glad you asked!

When you find yourself worrying about something, creating a story that takes you down the rabbit hole, anxious how you will get it all done, fear of all of the things that could go wrong, I invite you to first stop. Take a breath and then ask yourself how you can shift your thoughts. Can you go from worry to wonder?

"I wonder what the outcome of ___ will be?"

"I wonder what kind of amazing people I will meet?"

"I wonder how incredible my life will be from this situation?"

"I wonder what kind of strength I will gain from this experience?"

Taking the worry out of the equation and replacing it with wonder gives you a completely different perspective - a perspective of joy, curiosity, gratitude, and amazement.

And it's a whole lot more fun to wonder about something than to worry about it.

Picture below is canyoning in Bali . . . . so glad I didn't listen to those Bugaboos!

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