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What does your resistance say about you?

I have a client who has become really resistant around her work. I think we can relate to that, right?

In a minute I'll give you some pointers on how to overcome resistance but before we get there I'd like to offer you some insight first.

Have you ever noticed that resistance creates sabotage?

I'll give you an example.

Last year I stood up in a room full of people and declared I was going to write a memoir. After I sat down, I thought, "now where did that come from?"

Secretly I had wanted to write a book for years but had been too afraid to say it out loud.

(I experience imposter syndrome which shows up at the most inconvenient times and says, "who do you think you are to write a book?" "there are so many other people whose story is more powerful than yours" and on and on and on)

This past winter I declared again, "I'm going to write this book in 2018! In fact, I'm going to write two books!"

I scheduled a four day trip up to the mountains to start writing and low and behold I the words started pouring out of me.

Guess how much I've written since then?

Not one word.




Now I can tell you how busy I've been since that glorious mountain trip in January (which is partly true) but the real truth is I have been resistant to continuing with writing the books.

And this is where we can use resistance as a tool to investigate what is really going on. And what's going on for me in this example is sometimes the vision that I hold for myself scares me. The vision that I see is really big and visible and that scares the bejesus out of me.

So I make excuses of how busy I am, work on other projects, watch back to back episodes of American Idol, you get the picture.

So before I give you ways to move through your resistance, I'm going to first invite you to sit with your resistance and ask yourself some questions.

Questions like:

  • What is really going on here?

  • Am I afraid of something?

  • Am I afraid of the outcome?

  • What is underneath the resistance?

  • What will change if anything by completing the task, goal, dream?

  • Look not everything we resist is because we are afraid of something. Sometimes its because we really don't like doing that specific task but I do invite you to explore if there is something else going on.

And if there's nothing else going on then here's a few suggestions to move through resistance.

  1. Make a list on paper or using your phone/computer of all of the things that you need or want to do

  2. Prioritize what needs to get that day. Let this be no more than 3 - 5 things to complete for that day.

  3. Just do it. (There's a reason Nike coined that slogan)

  4. Start with the harder/tasks with the most resistance so that you have them out of the way and spend the rest of your day focusing on the ones that you enjoy.

  5. Give yourself a reward for completing the tasks that give you the most resistance!!

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