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The Turtle That Could

Several years ago, I spent 3 months living at the beach. I would start and end my day with a walk on the beach to soak in the beauty of the ocean. While I was there, I witnessed 10 baby turtles hatch and make their way to the sea. It's incredible how their instincts kick in and guide them to the ocean.

There was one turtle in particular who was one of the first to hatch and the last to make it into the ocean. He was slower than all of the rest of the turtles and had a difficult time making his way to his new home.

He flipped himself over numerous times and sometimes went the wrong way. With assistance from a volunteer he would get turned around and start his journey once again. At other moments he would find himself going up the embankment and getting stuck only to flip over upside one more time.

I felt deeply connected to this small little being of life and silently cheered him on and knew I would not leave until he had completed his journey.

And in the end, . . . he made it!

He crawled his way into the sea to be carried out into his next adventure.

Haven't we all been that little turtle? Stumbling, going the wrong direction, flipping upside, sometimes needing assistance to point us in the right direction but all the while keeping the intention in mind.

It's easy to lose sight of your hopes and dreams right now while we in the US have been experiencing months of quarantine, civil unrest, a questionable economy, an upcoming election, and an uncertain future.

Whatever your goal or dream or intention is, hold space for it, keep it in your minds eye and whatever obstacles come your way draw upon your inner strength to take you home.

Photo: David Levêque

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