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Let's Overcome Self Doubt Together

Your keynote speaker is the bridge to tying your organization's purpose to the audience member's desires. You need someone who can effectively move and inspire an audience to take action immediately so that they can experience life changing results. 

I have been a professional communicator for more than a decade as a speaker, trainer, workshop presenter, coach and retreat facilitator.


Whether in a breakout session, facilitating a panel or performing a keynote on the main stage, you can count on an engaging experience full of 

impactful storytelling, interaction and inspiration.  I will support your 

audience to feel encouraged, connected and ready to take action.























"Keegan is captivating and powerful! She helped me to see we find hope in our deepest moments of pain, by learning to love ourselves. If you get the chance to see her speak- DO IT!" - Amanda Crowell, PhD and TedX Speaker

"I hired Keegan to speak for the top leaders on my Rodan + Fields team during our mountain retreat weekend. These leaders have had many opportunities for leadership and personal development; so, frankly, it takes a lot to impress them. After Keegan’s session on breaking through limiting beliefs, they were simply blown away. Keegan has a way of getting to the heart of the matter quickly, and her workshop was so enlightening! It was truly great, and I will be hiring her again!" Courtney Lutz McLellan, CEO; RFx Circle

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Overcome Adversity By Becoming Your Biggest Cheerleader

Whether it’s divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job or a natural catastrophe every faces adversity at some point in their lives.  What makes one person fall into despair while another who experiences the exact same thing are able to pick themselves up and keep moving?  What if the key to building resilience is how you speak to yourself? What if you could learn to become your biggest cheerleader so that when adversity strikes you have a secret weapon to pick yourself up with resilience?

In this session you will learn:

  • How the way you speak to yourself is KEY to building resilience and overcoming adversity

  • Simple yet effective strategies to turn down the volume of your Inner Mean Girl voice and amp up the volume to your Higher Self Voice so that you can become your biggest cheerleader even when sh*t hits the fan

  • How to build your resilience muscle in your mind so that you can be productive in your business, engaged in your personal life and connected to your Higher Self so that you can live happy, joyous and with peace of mind.

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